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Galería de Fotos de Libia - Photo Gallery of Libya

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 Pictures of Travels in Libya: Tripoli, Ghadames, Nalut, Frezzan, Ghat, Leptis, Akakus, Sahara Desert, Tuareg...

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Go to big photo: Hunting scenes, drowned over the rock   Hunting scenes, drowned over the rock
  Author: Carlos Diaz Huertas
  Text: Where now there is practically no vegetation, there were buffalos and giraffes. The Global warming comes from far, more than 10.000 years.
Go to big photo: Our car trapped in the sand at a dune´s edge   Our car trapped in the sand at a dune´s edge
  Author: Carlos Diaz Huertas
  Text: going up or down, if the speed is not enough when reaching the edge, the wheel may stay off the ground. If too fast, then the car may overturn.
Go to big photo: Our camping tent, now after sunrise, and with the sand storm very weak.   Our camping tent, now after sunrise, and with the sand storm very weak.
  Author: Carlos Diaz Huertas
  Text: Just after dinner, while we were admiring the starry night. One dust storm come, hide the moon, and force us to hide on our camping tents. The bags outside and tied to the tents, were for anchoring, and avoiding the wind to take us.
Go to big photo: The hole the wind excavate under our tent   The hole the wind excavate under our tent
  Author: Carlos Diaz Huertas
  Text: Even refilled by some stormy hours after we change the tents location. So in the middle of the night we feel we and the tent was sinking in the sands.
Go to big photo: Mid day sun, during a sand storm   Mid day sun, during a sand storm
  Author: Carlos Diaz Huertas
  Text: Without wind, but the air was full of dust who vanishes sun and dunes.
Go to big photo: Desert sand   Desert sand
  Author: Carlos Diaz Huertas
  Text: The hardest habitat of the desert is the sandy dunes.
Go to big photo: Car motor repairing   Car motor repairing
  Author: Carlos Diaz Huertas
  Text: The drivers of the three cars, the cooker, his assistant, and even the Police, that in Libya, usually goes whit every tourist group, help in the cars motor repair which this time, keeps working well till the end of the journey.
Go to big photo: Dawada´s Erg lakes   Dawada´s Erg lakes
  Author: Carlos Diaz Huertas
  Text: Between the gigantic dunes of the SEA OF SAND, this small lakes of sulphur water, which give life to some bushes and palm trees.
  Total Pictures: 65   Pag. Indice << 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 >>

If you want to Travel to Libia LosViajeros is your site. You can find here, everything that you need for planning your trip to Libia: Travel Forums by countries, continents and zones, Lists of Travellers, Photo Galleries, Blogs or our Weblinks...

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