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Galería de Fotos de Burkina - Photo Gallery of Burkina

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 Burkina Faso pictures of my trip in the country: tribe, tribes, sahel, landscapes, africa, west africa bobo, dioulasso, river, niger, lobi, Country, Banfora, banfora, escarpment, peul, lobi

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Go to big photo: Sacred Crocodriles- Bazoulé, near Ouagadougou   Sacred Crocodriles- Bazoulé, near Ouagadougou
  Author: CarlosN
  Text: Fares: locals 500 CFA, foreigners 1000, children 250 and 1000 for each chicken thrown to the caimans. The notice surprised me.
Go to big photo: Burkinabe Woman - Bazoulé, cerca de Ouagadougou   Burkinabe Woman - Bazoulé, cerca de Ouagadougou
  Author: CarlosN
  Text: A Burkinese. women don´t really like their hair: they smooth it, or plait it, or put switchs of blond hair like the girl in this photo.
Go to big photo: Gaoua museum   Gaoua museum
  Author: CarlosN
  Text: Gaoua museum, lobi houses with the traditional stairs.
Go to big photo: Gaoua museum   Gaoua museum
  Author: CarlosN
  Text: Barn and behind a house of the gan ethnic group. These houses are peculiar because the ones for men are of square plant and the ones for women are circular.
Go to big photo: Gaoua museum   Gaoua museum
  Author: CarlosN
  Text: Lobi barn just built.
Go to big photo: Lobi Village   Lobi Village
  Author: CarlosN
  Text: A bowl with to, dough made with millet. Our guide ate it every day during the journey.
Go to big photo: Lobi Village   Lobi Village
  Author: CarlosN
  Text: Here women are the only ones who work, and very hardly. They are putting the millet in the roof of the house, it's amazing seeing them!Some are even wearing at their backs their children, climbing up the trunk with notchs and with the full baskets on their heads.
Go to big photo: Lobi Village   Lobi Village
  Author: CarlosN
  Text: The hen is tied to the tree and at night they use the basket to put the chicks in.
  Total Pictures: 63   Pag. Indice << 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 >>

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Spainsun : Burkina Faso
Gran Mezquita - Bobo Dioulasso
Spainsun : Burkina Faso
Cascadas de Karfiguela - Banfora
Spainsun : Burkina Faso
Casa tradicional de la tribu Lobi - Gaoua- Pais Lobi
Spainsun : Burkina Faso
Lago Tengrela - cerca de Banfora
Galeria de fotos


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