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Galería de Fotos de Sudafrica - Photo Gallery of South Africa

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 Pictures of Travels in SudAfrica: Pretoria, Johannesburg, Cape City, Kruger Park and another natural reserves

  Total Pictures: 48   Pag. Indice << 1 2 3 4 5 6 >>
Go to big photo: Policeman helmet. British policeman, of course - South Africa   Policeman helmet. British policeman, of course - South Africa
  Author: Carlos Diaz Huertas
  Text: This in the mountain closest to Thendele Camp, the trail to his top is pleasant even for a lazy man like me.
Go to big photo: To notice the size of the helmet   To notice the size of the helmet
  Author: Carlos Diaz Huertas
  Text: Looking from the distance, the bobby’s helmet may seem not to big. With Enrique near, you can see the real size.
Go to big photo: Sping growing buds of big fern trees   Sping growing buds of big fern trees
  Author: Carlos Diaz Huertas
  Text: Here the country is filled whit ferns with palm tree trunks. It is spring time, and many time the green from the black surface of natural fires.
Go to big photo: Township for black people - South Africa   Township for black people - South Africa
  Author: Carlos Diaz Huertas
  Text: Hundreds of similar small houses, between unpaved streets, without trees, or visible town services, are home of hundreds of families of black people.
Go to big photo: Lesotho women wearing blankets   Lesotho women wearing blankets
  Author: Carlos Diaz Huertas
  Text: Tradition in Lesotho is that men an women wear blankets with drawins, instead of coats.
Go to big photo: Lesotho, toy car, made with steel wire   Lesotho, toy car, made with steel wire
  Author: Carlos Diaz Huertas
  Text: Some child were playing with this wire made car, they push with a wire stick.
Go to big photo: Desolation valley - South Africa   Desolation valley - South Africa
  Author: Carlos Diaz Huertas
  Text: A real wide plainness, with a pioneers town and some hill to look at the sunset. The real desolating thing is that night came after all, because the show is magnificent.
Go to big photo: Graaf Reinet town   Graaf Reinet town
  Author: Carlos Diaz Huertas
  Text: From the same hill you go to admire sunset, it is possible to look at the little city, with the traditional Holland colonial buildings, clean and cared. Beyond there are the township for black people, apparently neglectful.
  Total Pictures: 48   Pag. Indice << 1 2 3 4 5 6 >>

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Cabo de Buena Esperanza
JMGT : Sudáfrica
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Cape Agulhas
JMGT : Sudáfrica
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