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Country Report
China a una foto por dia: Es un país de impresionantes riquezas históricas, de distancias enormes, de grandes extensiones y densa población... parece un tópico, pero este viaje de un mes por China nos va a descubrir que aún hay cosas que sorprendentes que no creeríamos si no fuese porque confiamos en nuestros ojos....
(read more...)

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Galería de Fotos de China - Photo Gallery of China

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 China, one picture per day: Beijing, Great Wall, Xian, Shanghai, Chengdu, Datong, Pinyao, Suzhou, Xiahe, Tibet, Juizhaigou

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Go to big photo: Yungang caves or grotes near Datong - China   Yungang caves or grotes near Datong - China
  Author: A. De Cara 2005
  Text: This is really interesting – World Heritage List. Located in a rocky wall under a Ming fortress, it is one of the best examples of Buddhist sculpture in China.
Go to big photo: Pingyao, walled city - China   Pingyao, walled city - China
  Author: A. De Cara 2005
  Text: This city conserves a magnificent wall and numerous buildings of the imperial era – World Heritage List. The red lights give a special charm during the night.
Go to big photo: The Terra Cotta Warriors and Horses of Xian   The Terra Cotta Warriors and Horses of Xian
  Author: A. De Cara 2005
  Text: The famous terracotta warriors have transformed to this city into visit forced for the tourists in China. Their tourist facilities are a model for receiving tourism of masses.
Go to big photo:  - China    - China
  Author: A. De Cara 2005
  Text: The Great Mosque in Xian is one of the oldest, largest and best-preserved Islamic mosques in China. Its garden is a delight for the walker. Located in the Muslim district, this building is next to the bazaar, with a good selection of gifts.
Go to big photo: Xiahe, the Tibet in Gansu - China   Xiahe, the Tibet in Gansu - China
  Author: A. De Cara 2005
  Text: After almost 24 hours on the way, we reach the Tibetan highland. This small city to 3000 meters high, formed around the famous monastery of Labrang, it breathes a totally Tibetan atmosphere.
Go to big photo: Labrang Monastery - Xiahe - China   Labrang Monastery - Xiahe - China
  Author: A. De Cara 2005
  Text: Labrang, monks' procession under the snow. It has begun to snow and the landscape has transformed. It is impressive to see the monks under the snow continuing with their daily tasks. The pilgrims neither cease of arriving and to make rotate the prayer wheels.
Go to big photo: Langmusi, on the border of Sichuan and Gansu.  - China   Langmusi, on the border of Sichuan and Gansu. - China
  Author: A. De Cara 2005
  Text: Today something that will change the plans has happened: I made myself a sprain in the road. The pain is very strong and it prevents me to walk. Next days, I must rest.
Go to big photo: Tibetan monks in Langmusi - China   Tibetan monks in Langmusi - China
  Author: Eva Moreno
  Text: Anything makes us think us to be outside of the Tibet: the landscape is Tibetan, people are Tibetan. Eva will be my eyes and my camera in these days of bed.
  Total Pictures: 32   Pag. Index << 1 2 3 4 >>

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