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Galería de Fotos de Submarinismo - Photo Gallery of Scuba and Dives

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 Scuba Pictures in Maldives: coral reciffs, sharks, barracudas, corals...

  Total Pictures: 32   Pag. Index << 1 2 3 4
Go to big photo: Anemonefish. Maldives.   Anemonefish. Maldives.
  Author: M. Karschau
  Text: This small fish lives within the stinging tentacles of the anemone Heteractis magnifica. (Anphiprion nigripes).
Go to big photo: Dwarf-spotted grouper. Maldives.   Dwarf-spotted grouper. Maldives.
  Author: M. Karschau
  Text: This grouper is quite safe with his camouflage. (Epinephelus merra).
Go to big photo: Cleaning station. Maldives.   Cleaning station. Maldives.
  Author: M. Karschau
  Text: Hukuruvelhi faru is one of the famous dives because of the encounters with huge mantas. (Manta birostris).
Go to big photo: Moorish idol. Maldives.   Moorish idol. Maldives.
  Author: M. Karschau
  Text: Normally you find them in groups: each one with their flag raised. (Zanclus cornutus).
Go to big photo: Surgeonfish. Maldives.   Surgeonfish. Maldives.
  Author: M. Karschau
  Text: Watch out ! On each side at the base of the tail they have a sharp scalpel-like structure. (Acanthurus nigricans).
Go to big photo: Soft Coral. Maldives.   Soft Coral. Maldives.
  Author: M. Karschau
  Text: This colorfull coral grows in caves and shipwrecks. (Tubastraea faulkneri).
Go to big photo: Nudibranch. Maldives.   Nudibranch. Maldives.
  Author: M. Karschau
  Text: The bright colors of this animals hide their frequently toxic flesh. (Notarchidae).
Go to big photo: Cleaner Shrimps. Maldives.   Cleaner Shrimps. Maldives.
  Author: M. Karschau
  Text: Almost all crustaceans in coral seas are known as decapods, they have 10 legs. (Stenopus hispidus).
  Total Pictures: 32   Pag. Index << 1 2 3 4

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