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Ingresado: 08-Jun-2015
Rango: New Traveller
Mensajes: 5
Localización: Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam
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Información Extra: What did I do in the past:

I was born and grown up in a town of Thai Binh province, around 100km from Hanoi. It’s not famous for tourism, it’s just famous for agriculture. My family moved to Lam Dong province for 2 years, when I was 5-7 years old, then moved back to our hometown. When we were in Lam Dong, our main business was raising silkworms to get cocoon and sell the cocoons, while my Mom is still a teacher. When I was 18 years old, I moved to Hanoi to study in an University for 5 years, then I worked in Hanoi for 2 years. Then I moved to the Philippines for 2.5 years. I moved to HCMc on March 2015.

When I was much younger (a child), I always wish to become a teacher like my Mom. Then I had a cousin who was an architectural student. He advised me to study in his University. I tried that University since I like to study in same school with my cousin as well as Hanoi Architectural University sounds cool. I don’t regret about that, water engineering brought to me many great experiences, contribute to my life and one part of who am I.

For the company I worked with in Hanoi, it was a great experience since I had a chance to work in a very big water project, worked with senior engineers, traveled a lot for work, and the most important: it urged me to study English more and more.

Then I really wanted to go abroad, I tried to apply for a scholarship but it wasn’t successful. Then for me at that time, any country is fine. I went to the Philippines since I met Ate Cory via expat-blog. She said she would help me there.

When I was in the Philippines, at first, I work in a company about market research. And it was a great experience as well, but I resigned since I still see that it’s not who am I. Then I worked as a freelancer.

What am I doing now in HCMc:

I’m working with a VNese friend in the Philippines for a money transferring service Vietnam – Philippines. And I consider it as a side business.

I’m working with some foreigners who want to open businesses in Vietnam and I learned a lot from it.

Have you found who am I? Not very yes. But I’m on the way. And one thing I like about myself is that: I like journalism and I like to help foreigners.

To serve my interests, hobbies:

Journalism: Currently, I have a “project” with a German guy, who we visit around the city, talk with people and take their pictures. We don’t know where are we heading to, but at first, we just do because we like it.

Help foreigners: beside working with the foreign business people, I was hosting travelers (Italian, German, Russian, Ukrainian, Indonesian, French). I just need to minimize hosting now since my landlord doesn’t like it so much. I’m also helping foreigners (mostly French come here to do internship) to find a room to stay. I’m helping a French girl who want to volunteer here as well as find a job here.

Who will I be in the future: still doing what I’m doing and something more. I want to be more humor, more authentic, more being connected with people, and I want to be better in my relationship with family, relatives, friends. I also want to have more intuition and go more for it.
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