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Düsseldorf News - An eventful year 2013 awaits you! - Noticias de Viajes

Düsseldorf News - An eventful year 2013 awaits you!

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We wish you all a happy New Year, and look forward to enjoying some eventful months with you in Düsseldorf.

The year starts straight away with a highlight – the Düsseldorf Carnival – that will reach its peak at the beginning of February and will have the whole city linking arms and swaying together.

At the Duesseldorf Photo Weekend, art lovers will have the chance to see musician Bryan Adams from a completely new perspective, while boot Düsseldorf 2013 at the end of January will once again have plenty of innovations and trends for water sport fans.

As dreary as the early months of the year can often be, filled with longing for the spring – the winter blues won’t stand a chance thanks to the diverse events in the NRW capital.

We’re looking forward to seeing you here!


“Och dat noch!” – Highlights of the Düsseldorf Carnival

There’s no holding Düsseldorf back during its “fifth season”. In keeping with this year’s motto “Och dat noch!” (Not that as well!) the “Jecken” (carnival revellers) will be creating a festive mood throughout Düsseldorf to mark the climax of the 2013 session. The most important dates at the end of the Carnival season are “Weiberfastnacht” (Women’s Day) on 7th February, Carnival Sunday with its street parade – a great day out for all the family – on 10th February, and the Rosenmontagszug (Rose Monday Parade) on 11th February at which thousands of revellers will be swaying, laughing and dancing…more

"RIO Carnival" at the Apollo-Theater Düsseldorf

This is something that the Rhineland has always dreamt of: A hot carnival! For the first show of the new year, the Apollo will be heating winter up, celebrating the fifth season like they do in Copacabana: powerful samba rhythms, and sexy dancers displaying exciting costumes and spirited artistry will be inviting you to take a trip to Brazil from 4th January to 24th March. The show promises “crazy times” – as fiery as rum and as hot as Rio…more

Showcase Beat Le Mot – “Alles”

The charismatic boy band Showcase Beat Le Mot invites you to visit the “Alchemistenstube” on 1st and 2nd February. In keeping with their “visitor satisfaction concept” they will be experimenting, dancing, making music and cooking for their guests for four hours on each day at the FFT (Forum Freies Theater). After all, we’re talking about “everything” (“Alles”) here…more

Things are happening in Düsseldorf – Guided tours get a spring clean

We’ve improved our city tours for the coming spring, and added some new features into the bargain. The new tour of the MedienHafen (90 minutes every Saturday at 14:30 in German and English, starting from the Rheinturm) will take you to the Rheinturm, the Landtag (state parliament building), the Gehry Buildings, the award-winning Stadttor architecture, and the Colorium. As of now, the newly-designed tour of the Altstadt will give you all the information you need in compact form (Fri./Sat. 15:00; Sun. 11:00; 90 minutes)… more


Duesseldorf Photo Weekend

Düsseldorf stands for photography, fashion and art. To mark the opening of the Bryan Adams exhibition, the NRW-Forum Düsseldorf will be initiating the Duesseldorf Photo Weekend on 2nd and 3rd February. On this weekend Düsseldorf galleries and institutions will be showing exhibitions of photography from 12:00 to 18:00. Within the city, the project will also be taken out onto the streets with seven large-scale picture motifs from the NRW Forum’s exhibition… more

Tour of the Düsseldorf Kunstakademie (Academy of Arts)

To close the winter semester, the world-famous Düsseldorf Kunstakademie will be opening its doors from 20th to 24th February, to present the annual exhibition of its students. The tour is a must for art lovers, those with an interest in the arts, and gallery owners who want to familiarise themselves with the artists of the future… more

Wolfgang Tillmans

The Kunstsammlung NRW/K21 Ständehaus will be presenting a one-man show by the internationally celebrated photographer and Turner Prize recipient, Wolfgang Tillmans, from 2nd March until 7th July. His work is wide-ranging and multilayered, taking in photography, abstract pictures, table installations, videos and art books. As a bonus, exhibition visitors will receive an art book designed by the artist… more

Flamenco Festival

The flamenco greats will be gathering at the tanzhaus nrw from 21st March to 1st April. There will be traditional flamenco shows, performed by famous ensembles, as well as experimental crossover projects that expand this art form’s horizons. Flamenco dance and live music will merge to produce a theatre experience of incomparable intensity. The line-up of artists will include Rafael Campallo, Miguel Vargas and Chloé Brûlé... more


Dieter Nuhr – “Nuhr unter uns”

Dieter Nuhr inimitably blends cabaret and comedy. See his new show “Nuhr unter uns” live on 17th January at the Mitsubishi Electric HALLE. This year the star of Germany’s cabaret and comedy circuit will once again be visiting Düsseldorf, presenting intelligent and creative anecdotes about everything that is currently of interest… more


The artist with the panda mask is coming back to Düsseldorf. 2012 saw the launch of his debut album “RAOP” – a made-up word combining “rap” and “pop”, which accurately describes Cro’s music. He mixes indie, pop and classic rap into something that is new, big and, above all, entirely his own. Cro will once again be rapping about hysteria, the flicker of YouTube, Tumblr, sex, love, freedom and life at the Mitsubishi Electric HALLE on 24th March… more

Shadowland – A fascinating world of dreams in the realm of shadow

Shadowland: A spectacular world of dreams, light, shadow, artistry, movement and poetic music. Hidden behind an illuminated canvas, human bodies melt elegantly into figures, form impressive fantasy shapes, fall apart again and re-form into new shapes. The American dance company PILOBOLUS will present its entrancing show at the Capitol Theater from 19th February to 3rd March… more


PSD Bank Meeting

For the eighth time, world-class athletes will be coming together on 8th February for the PSD Bank Meeting at the athletics stadium in the Arena-Sportpark. In total, the competition programme for 2013 will comprise twelve disciplines including pole vaulting, various running events, hurdles and triple jump. Tickets are on sale now… more

“Young warriors” take on the “Sharks” – a classic match

A full house and plenty of suspense are assured at Germany’s biggest ice hockey match. Be there at 19:30 on 8th March when the “young warriors” of Düsseldorf’s DEG take on the “Haie” (Sharks), their eternal arch-rivals from Cologne, for the last home game of the season. Speed and passion are guaranteed at the ISS DOME Düsseldorf because – “here comes DEG!”... more

Your Düsseldorf Team


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Indiana Jones
Indiana Jones
Feb 27, 2012
Mensajes: 1940

Fecha: Mar Feb 06, 2018 09:12 pm    Título: Re: Rutas desde Dusseldorf

EvaDm Escribio:
Hola Viajeros
Estoy buscando una escapada aprovechando vuelos baratos desde mi ciudad y estoy barajando la idea de volar hasta Dusseldorf y desplazarme desde alli a alguna zona atractiva. Tengo muchas ganas de conocer Hamburgo pero igual se me escapa un poco el tiempo de desplazamiento.

Qué zona me recomendais en un radio de tres horas aproximadamente (en coche) desde Weeze (donde aterriza Ryanair)?

Muchas gracias

De Weeze a Dusseldorf ya tienes hora y media de viaje.....te puede interesar hasta mirar las ciudades holandesas
Moderador de Zona
Moderador de Zona
May 09, 2009
Mensajes: 23864

Fecha: Mar Feb 06, 2018 10:06 pm    Título: Re: Rutas desde Dusseldorf

Fusiono tu mensaje en el hilo que ya hay abierto sobre Dusseldorf.

Tal como te comentan Colonia y Aquisgrán son lugares muy interesantes para visitar, incluso Bonn para unas horas no está mal.
Yo a Hamburgo no iría salvo que pernoctes allí, porque tiene bastante que ver y está a cuatro horas

Un saludo.
Silver Traveller
Silver Traveller
Jun 18, 2014
Mensajes: 10

Fecha: Mar Feb 06, 2018 11:23 pm    Título: Re: Düsseldorf: Visitas, hoteles, transporte, comer

La idea no es pernoctar en Dusseldorf, ya lo he visitado anteriormente, sino buscar alojamiento por la zona que elijamos para visitar.

En estas horas buscando información estoy barajando las opciones de Colonia/Coblenza o hacer un trayecto algo más largo y llegar hasta Hannover.
Super Expert
Super Expert
Jun 17, 2010
Mensajes: 434

Fecha: Vie Feb 23, 2018 12:51 pm    Título: Re: Düsseldorf: Visitas, hoteles, transporte, comer

Hola, voy a Dusseldorf a una feria a mediados de abril.
Ya he estado antes, pero aquella vez fue muy improvisado y el hotel fue una patata.
Ahora busco un hotel bien ubicado y bien de precio.
¿Me echáis una mano?
Indiana Jones
Indiana Jones
Abr 26, 2009
Mensajes: 2717

Fecha: Vie Feb 23, 2018 03:24 pm    Título: Re: Düsseldorf: Visitas, hoteles, transporte, comer

Hay un Ibis en la misma Estación de trenes que no está mal
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