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Düsseldorf a summer's tale - Noticias de Viajes

Düsseldorf a summer's tale

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Dear Düsseldorf Friends,

As Fortuna is all set to fight its way back into the Bundesliga this season, Düsseldorf today already takes a top spot in the Champions League of cities. The event and cultural calendar for the coming months once again makes a trip to the Rhine metropolis more than worthwhile.

But come and take a look for yourself – seeing is believing!

We look forward to your visit.



Düsseldorf celebrates 725th anniversary with civic festival on 7th and 8th September

725 years ago – on 14th August 1288 – the settlement on the Rhine and Düssel rivers was elevated to city status by Count Adolf von Berg. And the climax of the year-long festive programme to mark the city’s jubilee – a two-day civic festival on 7th and 8th September – is coming ever closer. It promises to be an event that is interesting and attractive to locals and visitors alike. A historical market will be recreated in front of the City Hall…more

Chinafest 2013

“The dragon dances in Düsseldorf” – for the third time on 21st September, around the Jan Wellem Monument in the Altstadt. This event will be an authentic and entertaining mix of culture and cuisine from the “Middle Kingdom”… more

Düsseldorf Festival! The Performing Arts Festival

From 18th September to 6th October the “düsseldorf festival!” once again promises that you will “Discover, Dream and Marvel”. The programme encompasses international coproductions and German premieres, as well as fringe events and rarities…more


Alexander Calder – Avant-garde in Motion

From 7th September the Kunstsammlung NRW, K20 Grabbeplatz will be presenting the fascinating work of Alexander Calder, one of the US’s most important 20th century artists and the inventor of the mobile. Viewers can see Calder’s early sculptures – surrounded by works by contemporaries such as Mondrian, Miró and Arp – at the Paul-Klee-Halle. Meanwhile, the Grabbehalle provides the perfect setting for the diverse shapes of his monumental mobiles and stabiles…more

Candida Höfer. Düsseldorf

To mark the artist’s 70th birthday, from 14th September the Museum Kunstpalast will be staging a retrospective for this member of the famous Becher School. Alongside Andreas Gursky, Thomas Struth and Thomas Ruff she is one of the most internationally recognised German photographers. Her work is closely linked with the City of Düsseldorf…more


Düsseldorf Baroque Festival, Schloss Benrath 2013

Immerse yourself in the Baroque in a truly regal setting. This is the big summer highlight in August to mark the city’s 725th anniversary…more

Elektra by Richard Strauss

The Opernhaus Düsseldorf will be filled with an exhilarating mix of feelings, shocks, love and hate on 11th, 13th and 15th September. “Alone! Woe! Quite alone!” – Right from the start, Elektra stands alone against the world, with nothing more than the memory of Agamemnon. She jealously guards the axe with which her father was killed, and every day she conjures up images of the murder... more


Our team for Rio

The sporting city of Düsseldorf has made a mission of supporting its top athletes on their way to the world’s biggest sports event – and that goes for the 2016 Olympic and Paralympic Games in Rio de Janeiro as well. That’s why for the third time a dedicated Olympics team – the “Stockheim Team Rio” – has been put together, under the lead management of sportAgentur Düsseldorf GmbH… more

Race Day for the “Henkel-Preis der Diana” Trophy

The eighth race day for the “Henkel-Preis der Diana” Trophy will be taking place at the Grafenberg Racecourse (Galopprennbahn Grafenberg) on 4th August 2013. This year too the focus of the event is on a lively mix of family day out and top-class sport. Fun is guaranteed in the children’s play area, where there’ll be pony rides, a bouncy castle, face painting , and kids can make things as well…more

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Indiana Jones
Indiana Jones
Feb 27, 2012
Mensajes: 1964

Fecha: Mar Feb 06, 2018 09:12 pm    Título: Re: Rutas desde Dusseldorf

EvaDm Escribio:
Hola Viajeros
Estoy buscando una escapada aprovechando vuelos baratos desde mi ciudad y estoy barajando la idea de volar hasta Dusseldorf y desplazarme desde alli a alguna zona atractiva. Tengo muchas ganas de conocer Hamburgo pero igual se me escapa un poco el tiempo de desplazamiento.

Qué zona me recomendais en un radio de tres horas aproximadamente (en coche) desde Weeze (donde aterriza Ryanair)?

Muchas gracias

De Weeze a Dusseldorf ya tienes hora y media de viaje.....te puede interesar hasta mirar las ciudades holandesas
Moderador de Zona
Moderador de Zona
May 09, 2009
Mensajes: 23901

Fecha: Mar Feb 06, 2018 10:06 pm    Título: Re: Rutas desde Dusseldorf

Fusiono tu mensaje en el hilo que ya hay abierto sobre Dusseldorf.

Tal como te comentan Colonia y Aquisgrán son lugares muy interesantes para visitar, incluso Bonn para unas horas no está mal.
Yo a Hamburgo no iría salvo que pernoctes allí, porque tiene bastante que ver y está a cuatro horas

Un saludo.
Silver Traveller
Silver Traveller
Jun 18, 2014
Mensajes: 10

Fecha: Mar Feb 06, 2018 11:23 pm    Título: Re: Düsseldorf: Visitas, hoteles, transporte, comer

La idea no es pernoctar en Dusseldorf, ya lo he visitado anteriormente, sino buscar alojamiento por la zona que elijamos para visitar.

En estas horas buscando información estoy barajando las opciones de Colonia/Coblenza o hacer un trayecto algo más largo y llegar hasta Hannover.
Super Expert
Super Expert
Jun 17, 2010
Mensajes: 434

Fecha: Vie Feb 23, 2018 12:51 pm    Título: Re: Düsseldorf: Visitas, hoteles, transporte, comer

Hola, voy a Dusseldorf a una feria a mediados de abril.
Ya he estado antes, pero aquella vez fue muy improvisado y el hotel fue una patata.
Ahora busco un hotel bien ubicado y bien de precio.
¿Me echáis una mano?
Indiana Jones
Indiana Jones
Abr 26, 2009
Mensajes: 2787

Fecha: Vie Feb 23, 2018 03:24 pm    Título: Re: Düsseldorf: Visitas, hoteles, transporte, comer

Hay un Ibis en la misma Estación de trenes que no está mal
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