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Country Report
China a una foto por dia: Es un país de impresionantes riquezas históricas, de distancias enormes, de grandes extensiones y densa población... parece un tópico, pero este viaje de un mes por China nos va a descubrir que aún hay cosas que sorprendentes que no creeríamos si no fuese porque confiamos en nuestros ojos....
(Leer más ...)

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Galería de Fotos de China - Photo Gallery of China

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 China, one picture per day: Beijing, Great Wall, Xian, Shanghai, Chengdu, Datong, Pinyao, Suzhou, Xiahe, Tibet, Juizhaigou

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Go to big photo: Haemorrhage in my foot -Langmusi- China   Haemorrhage in my foot -Langmusi- China
  Author: Eva Moreno
  Text: Today we will take the freedom of putting a second picture, that my foot after three days having rest.
Go to big photo: Tibetan Woman - Langmusi - China   Tibetan Woman - Langmusi - China
  Author: Eva Moreno
  Text: A huge number of pilgrims come to this monasteries.
Go to big photo: Nomads and beautiful grassland landscape - China   Nomads and beautiful grassland landscape - China
  Author: A. De Cara 2005
  Text: We go toward the south, already in lands of Sichuan. We cross some near mountain ports to the 4.000 m, the huts of the nomads and their flocks confirm us that anything has changed.
Go to big photo: Flocks of Yaks - China   Flocks of Yaks - China
  Author: A. De Cara 2005
  Text: A new day for Tibetan lands on the way to Songpa and Juizhaigou. Suddenly the highway descends from the snowy grasslands to valleys with sweeter climate.
Go to big photo: Jiuzhaigou Valley National Park - Sichuan- China   Jiuzhaigou Valley National Park - Sichuan- China
  Author: A. De Cara 2005
  Text: Juizhaigou is an exuberant valley with beautiful cascades and colourful lakes, among high snowy picks. The World heritage Site –UNESCO- suffers a massive affluence of tourists.
Go to big photo: Yaks under a snowfall - Sichuan - China   Yaks under a snowfall - Sichuan - China
  Author: A. De Cara 2005
  Text: Ascending the pass that should drive us toward Songpa and Chengdu is a plentiful snowfall. Yaks join in groups for protecting against cold temperatures.
Go to big photo: Turtles in the food market - Chengdu - China   Turtles in the food market - Chengdu - China
  Author: A. De Cara 2005
  Text: The food market of Chengdu is an inexhaustible source of topics for the photographer, especially the section of live foods. Chengdu, with its 12 million inhabitants, is a great city of lively markets.
Go to big photo: Leshan Giant Buddha - China   Leshan Giant Buddha - China
  Author: A. De Cara 2005
  Text: Leshan Giant Buddha, the largest stone sculpture of Buddha in the world, sits at the confluence of the Minjiang, Dadu and Qingyi rivers. The Buddha measures 71 meters in height. His shoulders are 28 meters across.
  Total Pictures: 32   Pag. Indice << 1 2 3 4 >>

If you want to Travel to China LosViajeros is your site. You can find here, everything that you need for planning your trip to China: Travel Forums by countries, continents and zones, Lists of Travellers, Photo Galleries, Blogs or our Weblinks...

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