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Category Travels Category Travels
General Travel Forum No new posts  General Travel Forum
Travelling around the world: Passports, visas, vaccinations, health and legal information, travel insurance, general travel tips.
(with 1413 topics and 185318 opinions)

¿A donde volverias a viajar otra vez? ¿A donde volverias a viajar otra vez?

Traveller3 traveller3  (3 minutes ago)

Aircraft, Airports and Airlines No new posts  Aircraft, Airports and Airlines
Everything about flying: airports, airlines, flights, aircraft, billing, reservation of seats, fear of flying, baggage and all...
(with 2124 topics and 179421 opinions)

Lufthansa - Lineas aéreas de Alemania (LH) Lufthansa - Lineas aéreas de Alemania (LH)

Tinuco tinuco  (2 hours ago)

The Independent Traveler No new posts  The Independent Traveler
Contact between travelers, requests for information, search for other travelers, offers of help, etc
(with 4888 topics and 75235 opinions)

Nepal India. del mochileo! Nepal India. del mochileo!

Criscris29 criscris29  (6 hours ago)

Agencies and Search engines No new posts  Agencies and Search engines
A forum to discuss travel experiences and consult on package tours and tours of Wholesalers, Tour Operators or Agencies. Also...
(with 1951 topics and 31791 opinions)

Exoticca Viajes - Agencia Viajes de Aventura Exoticca Viajes - Agencia Viajes de Aventura

Giocondo01 giocondo01  (4 hours ago)

Travel with Children No new posts  Travel with Children
Travelling with children: places, activities for families with children, tours for children ... Parents and Children ...
(with 683 topics and 25875 opinions)

Busco destino para viajar con niños: sugerencias Busco destino para viajar con niños: sugerencias

Minion minion  (1 day ago)

Category Spain Category Spain
General Forum Spain No new posts  General Forum Spain
Travel Forum in Spain. For general topics that can not be located in the other forums (rural tourism, beaches, resorts, inns...
(with 1025 topics and 20666 opinions)

Mundiplan - Viajes del Imserso Mundiplan - Viajes del Imserso

Traveller3 traveller3  (7 minutes ago)

Andalusia, Extremadura and Murcia No new posts  Andalusia, Extremadura and Murcia
Trips in Southern Spain: Andalucia, Extremadura, Murcia, Ceuta and Melilla
(with 1195 topics and 48158 opinions)

Hoteles, alojamiento en Melilla Hoteles, alojamiento en Melilla

AlexMEX AlexMEX  (3 hours ago)

Aragon, Catalonia and Valencia No new posts  Aragon, Catalonia and Valencia
Forum trip in Aragon, Catalonia and Valencia.
(with 1044 topics and 42215 opinions)

Tapear y comer en Barcelona Tapear y comer en Barcelona

Lanchone lanchone  (1 day ago)

Galicia, Asturias, Cantabria No new posts  Galicia, Asturias, Cantabria
Forum of the northwest of Spain: Galicia, Asturias, Cantabria.
(with 702 topics and 47269 opinions)

Vivir en Santander Vivir en Santander

Patita27 Patita27  (3 days ago)

Balearic Islands Forum No new posts  Balearic Islands Forum
Balearic Islands: Majorca, Minorca, Ibiza and Formentera. Airports, nigthlife, hotels, restaurants, beaches.
(with 476 topics and 34401 opinions)

Oficina Turismo de Menorca: Información actualizada Oficina Turismo de Menorca: Información actualizada

ANGEMI ANGEMI  (2 days ago)

Canary Islands No new posts  Canary Islands
Forum to share experiences, travel tips and questions about the Canary Islands: Tenerife, Las Palmas, Lanzarote, Fuerteventura.
(with 891 topics and 46677 opinions)

Excursión a La Gomera desde Tenerife (Islas Canarias) Excursión a La Gomera desde Tenerife (Islas Canarias)

Miguelang031075 miguelang031075  (5 hours ago)

Madrid, Castilla y Leon, Castilla La Mancha No new posts  Madrid, Castilla y Leon, Castilla La Mancha
forum to share experiences, travel tips and questions from Madrid, Castilla y Leon and Castilla La Mancha
(with 762 topics and 34335 opinions)

Comer en Madrid: Restaurantes, Tapas, bares, bocadillerias Comer en Madrid: Restaurantes, Tapas, bares, bocadillerias

Carcaro carcaro  (1 day ago)

Basque Country, Navarre & Rioja No new posts  Basque Country, Navarre & Rioja
Travel Forum to Basque Country, Navarre, and Rioja: Bilbao, San Sebastian-Donosti, Pamplona, Logroño
(with 288 topics and 17170 opinions)

Alquilar coche en Bilbao Alquilar coche en Bilbao

Subc3r0 subc3r0  (1 day ago)

Category Caribbean Sea Category Caribbean Sea
Riviera Maya, Cancun and Mexican Caribbean No new posts  Riviera Maya, Cancun and Mexican Caribbean
Deals of Rivera Maya, Cancun, Playa del Carmen, Tulum, Xcaret ... share experiences on the beaches, excursions, hotels, ruins...
(with 602 topics and 373235 opinions)

Riviera Maya: lista de viajeros Noviembre 2019 Riviera Maya: lista de viajeros Noviembre 2019

Lea90 Lea90  (41 minutes ago)

Punta Cana and the Dominican Republic No new posts  Punta Cana and the Dominican Republic
Forum of Punta Cana, to share experiences on the beaches, excursions, hotels, general information about Punta Cana, Bavaro...
(with 448 topics and 233718 opinions)

Foro República Dominicana: punto de encuentro Foro República Dominicana: punto de encuentro

Albenajuan albenajuan  (10 hours ago)

Caribbean: Cuba, Jamaica No new posts  Caribbean: Cuba, Jamaica
Forum of Caribbean Sea: Cuba, Jamaica, Puerto Rico and other islands. Exchange of information and experiences on hotels...
(with 265 topics and 61058 opinions)

Viajar a Jamaica: Experiencias, consejos, información Viajar a Jamaica: Experiencias, consejos, información

Silvi_1982 silvi_1982  (1 day ago)

Category Cruises Category Cruises
Cruisses and Boats Forum No new posts  Cruisses and Boats Forum
Travellers by sea on cruise ships, yachts, sailboats, catamarans ... This section is to share experiences and information on...
(with 1023 topics and 33036 opinions)

NCL CRUCEROS - Opiniones y dudas sobre Naviera y barcos NCL CRUCEROS - Opiniones y dudas sobre Naviera y barcos

Sandy_su81 sandy_su81  (27 minutes ago)

Cruises in Mediterranean Sea No new posts  Cruises in Mediterranean Sea
Forum for Cruises in the Mediterranean Sea: Spain, Italy, France, Monaco, Tunisia, Greece, Turkey, Egypt. Excursions, Ship...
(with 1368 topics and 368747 opinions)

Costa Victoria - Grecia Clásica e Islas Costa Victoria - Grecia Clásica e Islas

Nikita59 Nikita59  (7 hours ago)

Caribbean Cruises No new posts  Caribbean Cruises
Forum of Caribbean Cruises. Experiences and information about crews, facilities, boats, trips, shore excursions from the boat...
(with 392 topics and 29499 opinions)

Msc Meraviglia-Caribe Msc Meraviglia-Caribe

Titocolomer Titocolomer  (8 hours ago)

Cruise in the Atlantic Sea No new posts  Cruise in the Atlantic Sea
Cruises by the Atlantic Sea: Spain, Portugal, Morocco ... the Canary Islands, Lisbon, Cadiz ...
(with 149 topics and 13641 opinions)

Zenith de Pullmantur: Canarias-Agadir Zenith de Pullmantur: Canarias-Agadir

Jilpac jilpac  (7 hours ago)

Cruise the Baltic and Fjords No new posts  Cruise the Baltic and Fjords
Cruise on the Baltic Sea, North Atlantic and Fjords: Sweden, Russia, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Greenland and Arctic ...
(with 589 topics and 228047 opinions)


Fterrarv fterrarv  (1 day ago)

Category Europe Category Europe
Europe No new posts  Europe
Travels in Europe: multi-country trips or general questions about Europe
(with 525 topics and 23649 opinions)

Malta: Visitas, experiencias, consejos Malta: Visitas, experiencias, consejos

Levelero levelero  (2 days ago)

Italia No new posts  Italia
Travel Forum in Italy: Rome, Venice, Florence, Milan, Naples, Pisa, Genova, Assisi, Capri, Sicily, Sardinia.
(with 1888 topics and 182177 opinions)

Como Reservar Subterráneos y 3er. nivel - Coliseo de Roma Como Reservar Subterráneos y 3er. nivel - Coliseo de Roma

Cyberquini cyberquini  (37 minutes ago)

France No new posts  France
Travels to France: Paris, Versailles, Brittany, Provence, Pyrenees, Provence, Loire Valley...
(with 1411 topics and 165044 opinions)

Viajar a Normandía: Visitas, transporte, rutas - Francia. Viajar a Normandía: Visitas, transporte, rutas - Francia.

Thorbender thorbender  (2 hours ago)

Portugal No new posts  Portugal
Travel Fotum to Portugal: Lisbon, Oporto, Evora, Braganza, Faro, Estoril, Sintra, Coimbra, Algarve, Alentejo, Madeira ...
(with 540 topics and 39925 opinions)

Cobro de peaje en las autovías de Portugal Cobro de peaje en las autovías de Portugal

Miguelbilbao Miguelbilbao  (8 hours ago)

Greece and the Balkans No new posts  Greece and the Balkans
Travel Forum to Greece: Athens, Attica, Peloponnese, Cyclades, Aegean, Crete, Rhodes and Cyprus. Balkans: Bulgaria, Albania...
(with 575 topics and 79781 opinions)

Liubliana Ljubljana. Que ver, restaurantes - Eslovenia Liubliana Ljubljana. Que ver, restaurantes - Eslovenia

Salodari Salodari  (3 hours ago)

Holland, Belgium and Luxembourg No new posts  Holland, Belgium and Luxembourg
Forum for travels to Holland, Belgium and Luxembourg. Amsterdam, Bussels, Bruges, Ghent...
(with 456 topics and 66616 opinions)

Aeropuerto de Amsterdam Schiphol (AMS): traslados, dudas Aeropuerto de Amsterdam Schiphol (AMS): traslados, dudas

Rakel123 rakel123  (41 minutes ago)

Eastern Europe No new posts  Eastern Europe
Travel Forum about Eastern Europe: Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Slovakia ... Prague, Budapest, Warsaw, Krakow...
(with 689 topics and 74659 opinions)

Viajar a Cracovia: Que ver, rutas, excursiones - Polonia Viajar a Cracovia: Que ver, rutas, excursiones - Polonia

Corolev Corolev  (3 hours ago)

Germany, Austria, Switzerland No new posts  Germany, Austria, Switzerland
Travel through Central Europe: Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Liechtenstein... Tips and information about Vienna, Munich...
(with 931 topics and 74826 opinions)

Alojamiento en Munich: Hoteles, apartamentos, hostels, B B Alojamiento en Munich: Hoteles, apartamentos, hostels, B B

Tinuco tinuco  (2 hours ago)

Russia, Baltics and Europe in the former USSR No new posts  Russia, Baltics and Europe in the former USSR
Travels in Russia, Ukraine, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Belarus, Moscow, St. Petersburg, Riga, Tallinn ...
(with 379 topics and 27271 opinions)

Visado para Rusia Visado para Rusia

Chamiceru chamiceru  (4 hours ago)

Europe Scandinavia No new posts  Europe Scandinavia
Traveler and Travel Posts by Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland. Scandinavia and countries of the region.
(with 708 topics and 44652 opinions)

Auroras Boreales: ¿Dónde verlas y cuándo? Auroras Boreales: ¿Dónde verlas y cuándo?

Traveller3 traveller3  (1 hour ago)

London, United Kingdom and Ireland No new posts  London, United Kingdom and Ireland
Forum about the United Kingdom and Ireland, for travelers in London, Dublin, Edimburg, England, Wales, Scotland or Northern...
(with 897 topics and 131409 opinions)

Consecuencias del Brexit en los viajes al Reino Unido Consecuencias del Brexit en los viajes al Reino Unido

Tapiporlo Tapiporlo  (10 hours ago)

Category America Category America
America No new posts  America
Travels in the American continent and trips covering several areas: Central, South and North America
(with 123 topics and 861 opinions)

Dudas viaje Nueva York - Cuba (visado-traslados...) Dudas viaje Nueva York - Cuba (visado-traslados...)

Chiripy chiripy  (1 month ago)

South America No new posts  South America
Travels in Brazil, Bolivia, Ecuador, Colombia, Peru, Venezuela ...
(with 798 topics and 43325 opinions)


Mariam56 mariam56  (46 minutes ago)

Argentina and Chile No new posts  Argentina and Chile
Travel forum about Argentina and Chile: Buenos Aires, Santiago de Chile, Patagonia, Iguazu, Desierto de Atacama, Tierra de Fuego
(with 451 topics and 42599 opinions)

Ushuaia: excursiones y Alojamientos (Patagonia Argentina) Ushuaia: excursiones y Alojamientos (Patagonia Argentina)

Miguelang031075 miguelang031075  (1 hour ago)

Central America and Mexico No new posts  Central America and Mexico
Interior of Mexico and Pacific Coast, Panama, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Honduras, Guatemala...
(with 468 topics and 39706 opinions)

Oficina de Turismo de Costa Rica Oficina de Turismo de Costa Rica

ANGEMI ANGEMI  (4 hours ago)

USA and Canada No new posts  USA and Canada
Forum of United States and Canada. Information and advice on New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, Montreal, Ottawa ...
(with 960 topics and 116808 opinions)

Multas de tráfico en USA Multas de tráfico en USA

Javivi3 javivi3  (3 hours ago)

New York and northeastern USA No new posts  New York and northeastern USA
Travel to New York and the Northeast Coast of USA: Washington DC, Boston, Chicago, Niagara ... tours, transportation, hotels...
(with 699 topics and 105110 opinions)

Nueva York Musicales en Broadway y Espectaculos Nueva York Musicales en Broadway y Espectaculos

Noe- noe-  (4 hours ago)

West Coast of USA No new posts  West Coast of USA
Travel to the West Coast of USA: Los Angeles, San Francisco, Grand Canyon, Seattle, Las Vegas ...
(with 902 topics and 146208 opinions)

Alquiler de coche para familiasgrupos: Caravan, Sienna... Alquiler de coche para familiasgrupos: Caravan, Sienna...

Alejandria alejandria  (49 minutes ago)

Florida and Southeast USA No new posts  Florida and Southeast USA
Forum Florida, Louisiana, Texas, Carolina, Miami, Orlando, New Orleans, Houston, Dallas, PN Everglades, the Keys, Gulf of...
(with 218 topics and 51087 opinions)

Viajar a Nueva Orleans (New Orleans) Louisiana -USA- Viajar a Nueva Orleans (New Orleans) Louisiana -USA-

Elruca elruca  (2 hours ago)

Category Asia Category Asia
Asia No new posts  Asia
Travels in Asia: all the continent or covering several areas
(with 600 topics and 11252 opinions)

Ruta Tailandia y Camboya Ruta Tailandia y Camboya

Leviatan leviatan  (2 days ago)

Thailand No new posts  Thailand
Travels in Thailand: Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Koh Samui, Phuket, Phi Phi, Pattaya ...
(with 949 topics and 248698 opinions)

Clima en Tailandia Clima en Tailandia

Tinuco tinuco  (7 minutes ago)

Japan and Korea No new posts  Japan and Korea
Travels in Japan and Korea: Tokyo, Kyoto, Nikko, Nara, Osaka, Shirakawago, Mt Fuji, Hakone, Takayama, Hiroshima, Seoul, Busanz ...
(with 728 topics and 125852 opinions)

Itinerario Japón 2 Semanas Itinerario Japón 2 Semanas

Angie angie  (3 minutes ago)

China, Taiwan and Mongolia No new posts  China, Taiwan and Mongolia
Forum for travelers to China, Taiwan, Tibet and Mongolia. Beijing, Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Xian, Guilin, Chengdu ...
(with 1226 topics and 67742 opinions)

Visado a China: pasaporte y embajada Visado a China: pasaporte y embajada

World world  (3 days ago)

Indian Subcontinent: India and Nepal No new posts  Indian Subcontinent: India and Nepal
Travels in India, Nepal, Bhutanese, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Maldives. Contacts with other travelers for trips to...
(with 1182 topics and 86633 opinions)

Viajar a India con Chófer, Conductor o Guía Viajar a India con Chófer, Conductor o Guía

Angela5623 angela5623  (4 hours ago)

Southeast Asia No new posts  Southeast Asia
Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines ... and the rest of Southeast Asia except Thailandia
(with 2304 topics and 206162 opinions)

Bali ( Indonesia): Hoteles y Villas Bali ( Indonesia): Hoteles y Villas

Angela2006 Angela2006  (45 minutes ago)

Middle East and Central Asia No new posts  Middle East and Central Asia
Jordan, Emirates, Syria, Lebanon, Israel, Turkey, Iran, Yemen and the Republics of Central Asia (Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan...
(with 995 topics and 76851 opinions)

Petra: visita, guías y alojamiento Petra: visita, guías y alojamiento

Nathanian83 Nathanian83  (4 hours ago)

Category Africa Category Africa
Africa No new posts  Africa
travel-related messages on this continent, multi-country or general questions about Africa, their countries and its people
(with 153 topics and 4195 opinions)

¿Qué país de África elegir? ¿Qué país de África elegir?

Jacov jacov  (3 days ago)

Egypt No new posts  Egypt
Travels in Egypt: Cairo, Alexandria, Valley of the Kings, Abu Simbel, Pyramids, Red Sea. Sightseeing, Nile cruises, hotel...
(with 864 topics and 49264 opinions)

Motonaves en Egipto - Cruceros por el Nilo Motonaves en Egipto - Cruceros por el Nilo

Traveller3 traveller3  (57 minutes ago)

Morocco, Tunisia and North Africa No new posts  Morocco, Tunisia and North Africa
Travels in Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria, Libya and other North Africa except Egypt
(with 980 topics and 47808 opinions)

Consejos para Marruecos Consejos para Marruecos

AlexMEX AlexMEX  (2 hours ago)

Eastern Africa No new posts  Eastern Africa
Travel to Kenya, Ethiopia, Tanzania, Uganda, Congo, Rwanda, Madagascar ...
(with 699 topics and 48634 opinions)

Kenia: safaris, rutas y consultas generales Kenia: safaris, rutas y consultas generales

Kevin73 Kevin73  (5 hours ago)

Western Africa No new posts  Western Africa
Travels in Senegal, Mali, Ivory Coast, Ghana, Togo, Nigeria, Cameroon, Burkina Faso, Niger ...
(with 273 topics and 10511 opinions)

Visado para viajar a Ghana Visado para viajar a Ghana

Mablonde mablonde  (2 days ago)

Southern Africa No new posts  Southern Africa
Travels in any country in the south of Africa: South Africa, Namibia, Zimbabwe, Bostwana, Mozambique, Zambia
(with 337 topics and 22910 opinions)

Sudáfrica: Bucear con Tiburones y ver Ballenas Sudáfrica: Bucear con Tiburones y ver Ballenas

ALMACOR ALMACOR  (1 day ago)

Category Oceania and Antartic Category Oceania and Antartic
Oceania No new posts  Oceania
Travels to Oceania: Australia, New Zealand, Polinesia, Samoa, Papua ... Travelling in Australia: Sydney, Melbourne, Perth...
(with 522 topics and 44353 opinions)

Isla Sur de Nueva Zelanda: Itinerarios Isla Sur de Nueva Zelanda: Itinerarios

Margi margi  (2 hours ago)

Antarctica No new posts  Antarctica
travel-related messages by this frozen continent Antarctica ... why not?
(with 16 topics and 282 opinions)

Lista de Viajeros a la Antartida Lista de Viajeros a la Antartida

Sol11 sol11  (1 month ago)

Category Commercial Offers Category Commercial Offers
Travel Trade Offers No new posts  Travel Trade Offers
Forum with Commercial offers, agencies, guides, websites offers, bargain hunters and commercial content messages
(with 11829 topics and 118990 opinions)


Dawsi dawsi  (9 hours ago)

Guides & Drivers No new posts  Guides & Drivers
Forum for local Guides, local tours, drivers, frelances and individual professionals of Tourism
(with 1476 topics and 11468 opinions)

José Alfredo Solis - Taxista en Riviera maya José Alfredo Solis - Taxista en Riviera maya

Anvi6 Anvi6  (2 hours ago)

Accommodations and Restaurants No new posts  Accommodations and Restaurants
Forum with offers of accommodation. Hotels, private homes, cottages, sites that offer accommodation, or accommodation seekers...
(with 3342 topics and 11500 opinions)

Casa Rural El Capricho de Andrea - Granátula de Calatrava Casa Rural El Capricho de Andrea - Granátula de Calatrava

ANGEMI ANGEMI  (5 hours ago)

Market of Travelers No new posts  Market of Travelers
Only individuals. Things to exchange among travelers: you need to sell flights, travel, hotels without spending stubs, coins...
(with 3526 topics and 32544 opinions)

Compro Puntos Melia Rewards Compro Puntos Melia Rewards

Buzz_lightyear Buzz_lightyear  (1 hour ago)

Category Laws Category Laws
Legal Rights of the Traveler No new posts  Legal Rights of the Traveler
A read-only forum, travel legal information: passenger rights, laws, judgments, articles, practical legal information...
(with 44 topics and 85 opinions)


Agni_Mani Agni_Mani  (10 years ago)

Bad travel experiences No new posts  Bad travel experiences
To inform about bad experiences with professionals, companies or travel-related establishments (wholesalers, agencies, hotels...
(with 1871 topics and 48510 opinions)

Mala experiencia con Latam - Aerolínea Mala experiencia con Latam - Aerolínea

ANGEMI ANGEMI  (5 hours ago)

Category Special Forums Category Special Forums
Travel Web Sites No new posts  Travel Web Sites
Forum for non-commercial travel sites. To promote personal blogs, web sites, passengers, other forums for travelers, website...
(with 3140 topics and 19623 opinions)

Viaje a Dolomitas Octubre 2019 Viaje a Dolomitas Octubre 2019

Wilderness Wilderness  (2 hours ago)

Do Travel Agents and Tourism No new posts  Do Travel Agents and Tourism
Forum for exchange of professional information between travel agents and tourism professionals. Not supported commercial offers...
(with 767 topics and 19081 opinions)

Cómo crear una agencia de viajes por internet (on line) Cómo crear una agencia de viajes por internet (on line)

Traveller3 traveller3  (7 hours ago)

NGO No new posts  NGO
NGO Travels
(with 562 topics and 6190 opinions)

Asociaciòn sonrie educando (Republica Dominicana) Asociaciòn sonrie educando (Republica Dominicana)

Vanesaro vanesaro  (1 day ago)

International Politics and Travel No new posts  International Politics and Travel
Fixing the world. Posts related to international politics and factors affecting travelers, travels and the world in general.
(with 126 topics and 4987 opinions)

Turismofobia: origen, qué es y cómo evoluciona Turismofobia: origen, qué es y cómo evoluciona

Abdelkrim Abdelkrim  (1 week ago)

Tutorials and How To Use the Forum No new posts  Tutorials and How To Use the Forum
Tips for beginners and how to use the forum. How to put a message, how to upload an attachment, like putting a picture ...
(with 81 topics and 689 opinions)

Filtrar por palabra dentro de un hilo - Buscar en el tema Filtrar por palabra dentro de un hilo - Buscar en el tema

Spainsun spainsun  (2 months ago)

Category Others Category Others
The Independent Traveller (English) No new posts  The Independent Traveller (English)
Forum for independent travellers: contact, information, etc (only English Language)
(with 329 topics and 591 opinions)

Bad Experience with Wild CampersNordic Campers Bad Experience with Wild CampersNordic Campers

Chamiceru chamiceru  (2 months ago)

Travel Offers No new posts  Travel Offers
Commercial forum: travel Offers in English Language.
(with 100 topics and 268 opinions)

Flights offers in Europe Flights offers in Europe

Zikkorro Zikkorro  (1 week ago)

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