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  Tips and Tips for a New Backpacker in South America  Tema: Tips and Tips for a New Backpacker in South America  -   The Independent Traveller (English)  Foro: The Independent Traveller (English)

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Hello everyone!!

I'm Jorge, thank you very much for entering the subject and looking to contribute with a new backpacker.

Consultation: Tips, tips and recommendations for a new backpacker in South America (5-6months). This in any way: Opinions, websites, videos, guides, etc. The topics that I look for most (although not the resign) are the following:

- The start: Preparation before leaving? Adaptation days of backpacking?
- Make Finger: Tips and recommendations to make a finger? Where to do it? Hours? others?
- Destinations: The best places, regions, countries that recommend? The best places to eat?
- Security: Security tips and recommendations? Dangerous cities? Money management? Is travel insurance necessary?
- Accommodation: Couchsourfing is the best? Tips? Do you recommend others?
- Activities to do on the trip: Volunteering, simple jobs, sports, others to sustain trips?
- Material: Books, movies or others for the trip
- Company: Traveling with another backpacker? I am thinking of announcing it in a forum, if someone is encouraged to go out with me from Lima. Are there any disadvantages or related recommendations?
- Others

Panorama and Trip Data:

Backpacking trip of 5-6 months approx. throughout South America. I leave from Peru to the North to Colombia, and then to the South through Brazil, Argentina, Chile. This trip I will do before finishing the university in order to know life from another perspective and know myself more.

Budget: 7,000 - 8,000 soles.
Transportation: By finger
Accommodation: Couchsourfing or volunteering

Happiness and vibes for all,
Thank you!!!
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