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Bad Experience with Wild Campers/Nordic Campers ✈️

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New Traveller

New Traveller

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A NORDIC NIGHTMARE: Never, Never trust these guys, FOLLOW MY ADVICE

We rented a motorhome for a family of five for 20 days last July. I insisted in my mails that being my kids of 20, 18 and 15 years old (adults or nearly adults), we needed a big motorhome, to assure enough room for the five of us. They confirmed me that my motorhome “would have 2 beds at the back, a double bed above the cabin and, for the fifth member of the family, a convertible bed in the table area” (that was explicit in their mails).
Sadly, we discovered just when we arrived the very first day to the Wild Campers/Nordic Campers premises (so, be careful Wild campers and Nordic campers are the same awful company, don´t trust any of them) that our motorhome was NOT AVAILABLE (nobody alerted about us until the last second) and in the ONLY ONE they offered did not correspond to the requirements we had made before booking. It was MUCH SMALLER (for 3 people), instead of the four beds promised in their mails. It only had a double bed for 2 people above the cabin, and the remaining threeshould sleep on a convertible bed at the Table area. Once converted the Table area in a common bed for 3!!!!!, the whole room of the caracan was covered with that matress, without being able to go to the bathroon or to have some free room to move in the motorhome. IT WAS UNACEPTABLE.
BUT instead of apologizing or finding a solution, we spent 2 hours argueing, while the man responsible for the premises, (Christos, a profesional cheater, the one who arranged the reservation with us by mail, assuring us the five beds and a big motorhome) tried to convince us that this small motorhome was equivalent and it only involved a change of the model, something (in his words) that was allowed. CHANGE OF THE MODEL? From a motorhome with enough room for 5 people and four beds and an additional convertible bed to a clearly smaller one with 2 beds and only a convertible one which occupied the whole interior of the van?
Believe me, the 2 worst hours of my life, suffering the lies and manouvres by Christos to cheat us, insisitng that the motorhome offered was equivalent to the one promised. We asked to talk directly with the manager, but apparently he was at a busy meeting and was not posible to deal with anybody else. After these horrid 2 hours argueing we threat them with calling to the Police.
Finally, two members of the team (witnessing form the background and completely ashamed for the unacceptable situation) took the lead and decided to give us another van which corresponded with the characteristics we had arranged, which was booked to be delivered to another family the day after.
But guess what? We thought that our bad experienced had finished, but that van broke down 24 hours later, and when I say broke down is because it suddenly didn not move at all!!!!!. What a nightmare. We need to spend half a day waiting for another van to substitute it.
We had never experienced anything similar before. PLEASE don´t be tempted to hire with WILD CAMPERS/NORDIC CAMPERS because their prices are apparently slighty lower. Now you understand the reasons: Not enough available motorhomes, dirty manouvres to force you to take vehicles not fulfilling the requirements promised, serious mechanical deffciencies in the vehicles (two days later we experienced how another customer also had to change his Nordic Camper motorhome because it also broke down).
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Enlaces Asunto: Re: Bad Experience with Wild Campers/Nordic Campers  Publicado: Responder citando

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