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General Travel Forum No new posts General Travel Forum

Travelling around the world: Passports, visas...
(with 1463 topics and 210599 opinions)

Aircraft, Airports and Airlines No new posts Aircraft, Airports and Airlines

Everything about flying: airports, airlines, flights...
(with 2219 topics and 206042 opinions)

The Independent Traveler No new posts The Independent Traveler

Contact between travelers, requests for information...
(with 4905 topics and 78567 opinions)
Viajeros de 50 en adelante Viajeros de 50 en adelante
Ros20 Ros20  (23 hours ago)

Agencies and Search engines No new posts Agencies and Search engines

A forum to discuss travel experiences and consult on...
(with 1989 topics and 35225 opinions)
Agencia de viajes Asia for Real Agencia de viajes Asia for Real
Sergi.asiaforreal sergi.asiafo...  (5 hours ago)

Travel with Children No new posts Travel with Children

Travelling with children: places, activities for families...
(with 689 topics and 28864 opinions)
Suiza con Niños: Consejos Suiza con Niños: Consejos
Inmina inmina  (23 hours ago)
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General Forum Spain No new posts General Forum Spain

Travel Forum in Spain. For general topics that can not be...
(with 1087 topics and 37664 opinions)

Andalusia No new posts Andalusia

Trips in Andalucia, Ceuta and Melilla. Granada, Seville...
(with 1206 topics and 49146 opinions)
Rutas por Andalucía Rutas por Andalucía
Menina7 menina7  (7 hours ago)

Aragón No new posts Aragón

Travel forum of Aragon: Zaragoza, Teruel, Huesca
(with 177 topics and 8697 opinions)

Asturias No new posts Asturias

Travels to Asturias: Oviedo, Gijón, Picos de Europa...
(with 260 topics and 20023 opinions)
Hotel, alojamiento en Asturias Hotel, alojamiento en Asturias
Freerider4623 Freerider4623  (1 day ago)

Balearic Islands Forum No new posts Balearic Islands Forum

Balearic Islands: Majorca, Minorca, Ibiza and Formentera...
(with 504 topics and 38345 opinions)
Qué visitar y disfrutar en Mallorca Qué visitar y disfrutar en Mallorca
ALROJO ALROJO  (9 hours ago)

Canary Islands No new posts Canary Islands

Forum to share experiences, travel tips and questions...
(with 949 topics and 55805 opinions)

Cantabria No new posts Cantabria

Travel to Cantabria: Santander, Comillas, San Vicente de...
(with 154 topics and 11754 opinions)
Ruta Asturias - Cantabria Ruta Asturias - Cantabria
Leviatan leviatan  (1 day ago)

Castilla and Leon No new posts Castilla and Leon

Travels to Castilla and Leon: Avila, Burgos, Leon...
(with 350 topics and 13052 opinions)
Hoteles, alojamiento en Salamanca Hoteles, alojamiento en Salamanca
Thorbender thorbender  (1 day ago)

Castilla la Mancha No new posts Castilla la Mancha

Travels to Castilla la Mancha: Toledo, Cuenca, Albacete...
(with 206 topics and 7865 opinions)
Comer y tapear en Cuenca Comer y tapear en Cuenca
Miguelang031075 miguelang031075  (2 days ago)

Catalonia No new posts Catalonia

Forum trip in Catalonia: Barcelona, Gerona (Girona...
(with 611 topics and 24622 opinions)

Extremadura No new posts Extremadura

Travel to Extremadura: Mérida, Cáceres, Badajoz...
(with 140 topics and 4518 opinions)

Galicia No new posts Galicia

Forum of travels in Galicia: Santiago, Vigo, Orense...
(with 339 topics and 20932 opinions)
El Camino de Santiago: Camino Portugués El Camino de Santiago: Camino Portugués
Adondeviajar adondeviajar  (6 hours ago)

Madrid No new posts Madrid

Travel Forum of Madrid: Capital, Aranjuez, Alcala de...
(with 374 topics and 21522 opinions)

Murcia No new posts Murcia

Travel Forum to Murcia: Capital, Cartagena, Aguilas, Mar...
(with 81 topics and 1990 opinions)
Restaurantes, comer en Águilas (Murcia) Restaurantes, comer en Águilas (Murcia)
ANGEMI ANGEMI  (12 hours ago)

Navarra No new posts Navarra

Travel forum for Navarra: Pamplona, Olite, Tudela...
(with 59 topics and 3007 opinions)

Basque Country - Euskadi No new posts Basque Country - Euskadi

Travel Forum to Basque Country (Euskadi): Bilbao, San...
(with 217 topics and 14357 opinions)

La Rioja No new posts La Rioja

La Rioja Travel Forum: Logroño, Haro, Calahorra, Rioja...
(with 53 topics and 1975 opinions)

Valencia No new posts Valencia

Travel forum of Comunidad Valenciana: Valencia, Alicante...
(with 367 topics and 14964 opinions)
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Riviera Maya, Cancun and Mexican Caribbean No new posts Riviera Maya, Cancun and Mexican Caribbean

Deals of Rivera Maya, Cancun, Playa del Carmen, Tulum...
(with 703 topics and 391243 opinions)
Riviera Maya: lista de viajeros mayo 2024 Riviera Maya: lista de viajeros mayo 2024
Belendi99 belendi99  (9 hours ago)

Punta Cana and the Dominican Republic No new posts Punta Cana and the Dominican Republic

Forum of Punta Cana, to share experiences on the beaches...
(with 531 topics and 243475 opinions)

Caribbean: Cuba, Jamaica No new posts Caribbean: Cuba, Jamaica

Forum of Caribbean Sea: Cuba, Jamaica, Puerto Rico and...
(with 290 topics and 67748 opinions)
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Cruisses and Boats Forum No new posts Cruisses and Boats Forum

Travellers by sea on cruise ships, yachts, sailboats...
(with 1077 topics and 42162 opinions)
Cunard Line - Naviera Cunard Line - Naviera
Xavi3 Xavi3  (23 hours ago)

Cruises in Mediterranean Sea No new posts Cruises in Mediterranean Sea

Forum for Cruises in the Mediterranean Sea: Spain, Italy...
(with 1452 topics and 392082 opinions)
Celestyal Journey Celestyal Journey
Zayas zayas  (2 hours ago)

Caribbean Cruises No new posts Caribbean Cruises

Forum of Caribbean Cruises. Experiences and information...
(with 406 topics and 30724 opinions)
Msc Meraviglia: New York - Bahamas Msc Meraviglia: New York - Bahamas
Trajanillo trajanillo  (2 days ago)

Cruise in the Atlantic Sea No new posts Cruise in the Atlantic Sea

Cruises by the Atlantic Sea: Spain, Portugal, Morocco...
(with 196 topics and 17380 opinions)
MSC Meraviglia - Costa Este de USA y CANADA MSC Meraviglia - Costa Este de USA y CANADA
Trajanillo trajanillo  (2 days ago)

Cruise the Baltic and Fjords No new posts Cruise the Baltic and Fjords

Cruise on the Baltic Sea, North Atlantic and Fjords...
(with 624 topics and 236237 opinions)
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Europe No new posts Europe

Travels in Europe: multi-country trips or general...
(with 532 topics and 25405 opinions)
Malta: Visitas, experiencias, consejos Malta: Visitas, experiencias, consejos
Jorge1215 Jorge1215  (2 days ago)

Italia No new posts Italia

Travel Forum in Italy: Rome, Venice, Florence, Milan...
(with 1957 topics and 203271 opinions)

France No new posts France

Travels to France: Paris, Versailles, Brittany, Provence...
(with 1491 topics and 180954 opinions)
París: Zonas Peligrosas y Seguridad París: Zonas Peligrosas y Seguridad
Abdelkrim Abdelkrim  (16 minutes ago)

Portugal No new posts Portugal

Travel Fotum to Portugal: Lisbon, Oporto, Evora...
(with 563 topics and 46651 opinions)

Greece and the Balkans No new posts Greece and the Balkans

Travel Forum to Greece: Athens, Attica, Peloponnese...
(with 646 topics and 100169 opinions)

Holland, Belgium and Luxembourg No new posts Holland, Belgium and Luxembourg

Forum for travels to Holland, Belgium and Luxembourg...
(with 473 topics and 69878 opinions)

Eastern Europe No new posts Eastern Europe

Travel Forum about Eastern Europe: Czech Republic...
(with 713 topics and 82053 opinions)

Germany, Austria, Switzerland No new posts Germany, Austria, Switzerland

Travel through Central Europe: Germany, Austria...
(with 975 topics and 84338 opinions)

Russia, Baltics and Europe in the former USSR No new posts Russia, Baltics and Europe in the former USSR

Travels in Russia, Ukraine, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania...
(with 400 topics and 29846 opinions)

Europe Scandinavia No new posts Europe Scandinavia

Traveler and Travel Posts by Denmark, Sweden, Norway and...
(with 797 topics and 57415 opinions)
Zonas de actividad volcánica en Islandia Zonas de actividad volcánica en Islandia
Traveller3 traveller3  (7 minutes ago)

London, United Kingdom and Ireland No new posts London, United Kingdom and Ireland

Forum about the United Kingdom and Ireland, for travelers...
(with 919 topics and 142844 opinions)
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America No new posts America

Travels in the American continent and trips covering...
(with 124 topics and 910 opinions)
America para mochileros America para mochileros
Her_2004 Her_2004  (4 months ago)

South America No new posts South America

Travels in Brazil, Bolivia, Ecuador, Colombia, Peru...
(with 926 topics and 53454 opinions)

Argentina and Chile No new posts Argentina and Chile

Travel forum about Argentina and Chile: Buenos Aires...
(with 473 topics and 47868 opinions)
Taxis en Buenos Aires (Argentina) Taxis en Buenos Aires (Argentina)
Carolco carolco  (14 minutes ago)

Central America and Mexico No new posts Central America and Mexico

Interior of Mexico and Pacific Coast, Panama, Costa Rica...
(with 511 topics and 45916 opinions)
P.N. Corcovado y Bahía Drake - Costa Rica P.N. Corcovado y Bahía Drake - Costa Rica
Stn_86 Stn_86  (40 minutes ago)

USA and Canada No new posts USA and Canada

Forum of United States and Canada. Information and advice...
(with 972 topics and 130846 opinions)
Alquiler de coche en Estados Unidos Alquiler de coche en Estados Unidos
JaumeUG JaumeUG  (8 hours ago)

New York and northeastern USA No new posts New York and northeastern USA

Travel to New York and the Northeast Coast of USA...
(with 711 topics and 110940 opinions)

West Coast of USA No new posts West Coast of USA

Travel to the West Coast of USA: Los Angeles, San...
(with 916 topics and 156317 opinions)

Florida and Southeast USA No new posts Florida and Southeast USA

Forum Florida, Louisiana, Texas, Carolina, Miami...
(with 228 topics and 53933 opinions)
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Asia No new posts Asia

Travels in Asia: all the continent or covering several areas
(with 602 topics and 11658 opinions)

Thailand No new posts Thailand

Travels in Thailand: Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Koh Samui...
(with 990 topics and 279509 opinions)
Punto de Encuentro de Viajeros a Tailandia Punto de Encuentro de Viajeros a Tailandia
Javigar javigar  (37 seconds ago)

Japan and Korea No new posts Japan and Korea

Travels in Japan and Korea: Tokyo, Kyoto, Nikko, Nara...
(with 811 topics and 139141 opinions)

China, Taiwan and Mongolia No new posts China, Taiwan and Mongolia

Forum for travelers to China, Taiwan, Tibet and Mongolia...
(with 1262 topics and 70501 opinions)

Indian Subcontinent: India and Nepal No new posts Indian Subcontinent: India and Nepal

Travels in India, Nepal, Bhutanese, Pakistan, Bangladesh...
(with 1243 topics and 95946 opinions)
viaje a India en Junio viaje a India en Junio
Manato91 manato91  (3 hours ago)

Southeast Asia No new posts Southeast Asia

Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Indonesia, Malaysia...
(with 2416 topics and 231430 opinions)

Middle East and Central Asia No new posts Middle East and Central Asia

Jordan, Emirates, Syria, Lebanon, Israel, Turkey, Iran...
(with 1120 topics and 91859 opinions)
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Africa No new posts Africa

travel-related messages on this continent, multi-country...
(with 159 topics and 4752 opinions)

Egypt No new posts Egypt

Travels in Egypt: Cairo, Alexandria, Valley of the Kings...
(with 976 topics and 72196 opinions)
Egipto por Libre, mucho mejor Egipto por Libre, mucho mejor
Bartomeu bartomeu  (14 minutes ago)

Morocco, Tunisia and North Africa No new posts Morocco, Tunisia and North Africa

Travels in Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria, Libya and other...
(with 1031 topics and 53440 opinions)

Eastern Africa No new posts Eastern Africa

Travel to Kenya, Ethiopia, Tanzania, Uganda, Congo...
(with 764 topics and 54635 opinions)
Seychelles: qué ver, excursiones Seychelles: qué ver, excursiones
Indamatossi.marta indamatossi....  (1 hour ago)

Western Africa No new posts Western Africa

Travels in Senegal, Mali, Ivory Coast, Ghana, Togo...
(with 303 topics and 12256 opinions)

Southern Africa No new posts Southern Africa

Travels in any country in the south of Africa: South...
(with 356 topics and 26938 opinions)
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Oceania No new posts Oceania

Travels to Oceania: Australia, New Zealand, Polinesia...
(with 590 topics and 66411 opinions)

Antarctica No new posts Antarctica

travel-related messages by this frozen continent...
(with 16 topics and 322 opinions)
Viajar a la Antartida Viajar a la Antartida
Spainsun spainsun  (1 year ago)
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Travel Trade Offers No new posts Travel Trade Offers

Forum with Commercial offers, agencies, guides, websites...
(with 12296 topics and 130435 opinions)
Colombia aventura en grupo - Horizonte Paralelo Colombia aventura en grupo - Horizonte Paralelo
HorizonteParalelo HorizontePar...  (5 hours ago)

Guides & Drivers No new posts Guides & Drivers

Forum for local Guides, local tours, drivers, frelances...
(with 1837 topics and 15775 opinions)
Samir - Guía en Fez - Marruecos Samir - Guía en Fez - Marruecos
DavidOG DavidOG  (29 minutes ago)

Accommodations and Restaurants No new posts Accommodations and Restaurants

Forum with offers of accommodation. Hotels, private...
(with 3478 topics and 12049 opinions)

Market of Travelers No new posts Market of Travelers

Only individuals. Things to exchange among travelers: you...
(with 3840 topics and 39598 opinions)
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Legal Rights of the Traveler No new posts Legal Rights of the Traveler

A read-only forum, travel legal information: passenger...
(with 43 topics and 83 opinions)
Formularios de Reclamaciones a Aerolíneas Formularios de Reclamaciones a Aerolíneas
Agni_Mani Agni_Mani  (15 years ago)

Bad travel experiences No new posts Bad travel experiences

To inform about bad experiences with professionals...
(with 2060 topics and 53616 opinions)
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Travel Web Sites No new posts Travel Web Sites

Forum for non-commercial travel sites. To promote...
(with 3370 topics and 23004 opinions)
Gemelas por el mundo (Youtube) Gemelas por el mundo (Youtube)
MyriamR95 MyriamR95  (5 hours ago)

Do Travel Agents and Tourism No new posts Do Travel Agents and Tourism

Forum for exchange of professional information between...
(with 791 topics and 19345 opinions)

NGO No new posts NGO

NGO Travels
(with 575 topics and 6319 opinions)
Workaway Workaway
Charmenere charmenere  (1 month ago)

International Politics and Travel No new posts International Politics and Travel

Fixing the world. Posts related to international politics...
(with 129 topics and 5396 opinions)

Tutorials and How To Use the Forum No new posts Tutorials and How To Use the Forum

Tips for beginners and how to use the forum. How to put a...
(with 84 topics and 720 opinions)
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The Independent Traveller (English) No new posts The Independent Traveller (English)

Forum for independent travellers: contact, information...
(with 346 topics and 626 opinions)

Travel Offers No new posts Travel Offers

Commercial forum: travel Offers in English Language.
(with 159 topics and 409 opinions)
Traveltourister - Tours India Traveltourister - Tours India
ANGEMI ANGEMI  (1 week ago)
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